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What's that? You're STILL not convinced that ayersgraphicstudio is the best solution for your graphic needs? Well, phooey. Or should we say 'FOO-y'? We've put together a few Frequently Offered Objections (or F.O.O. - get it?) we've heard from pre-clients as to why they weren't quite ready to jazz up their drawings. 

F.O.O. List


We've got our own artist:


That's great! Not every firm does, and if you have one on staff, keep 'em happy! One question, though - is your artist a full-time graphic artist with decades of experience, or are they someone who puts together a rendering 3 or 4 times a year? at ayersgraphicstudio, we are dedicated artists. We do this every single day. No offense intended to any other artist, but we can do this faster and more affordably than most. It's what we do.


We'd like to keep all work (and fees!) in-house:


Certainly can't blame you there! With the pace of design and construction today, everyone in your office should be cranking along at full speed all the time. But as we all know, there are only so many hours in the day. Most firms don't have someone whose sole job is creating renderings. That means to get a color drawing done, someone has to be taken off their normal work, where they're most productive, and be assigned to do a task to which they might not be very accustomed. At ayersgraphicstudio, we're certainly used to it - since we do it every day, we'd better be. And most people don't want to give up their weekend to come in to take care of it - at ayersgraphicstudio, that is never a problem! Let your staff continue their excellent work without interruption - we'll take care of the graphic work for you.


A color rendering isn't all that important:


[You're obviously smarter than that, since you're on this website checking us out. But we'll play along... =) ]


You know a drawing tells a story. People look at a plan and see new houses, or a new commercial center. They see steel and glass and concrete and asphalt and they think, wow, there's a lot of construction there. With a rendered drawing, they also see tree lined streets, lush buffers, plantings in parking areas, landscaping softening the edges of construction. They see shade and walkability and neighborhood; they see people enjoying the spaces, and cars on the streets, bringing the whole composition to a human scale. they project themselves into your project, where they see their lives positively impacted on a daily basis. Make no mistake, a rendering embellishes and enriches the story of your drawing. Few want to read a dry schematics manual; everyone wants to read Harry Potter.

The way we see it, there are 5 Major Reasons to commission a rendering:

1. Let Future Neighbors See the Quality of Your Project. Calm any concerns neighbors may have, and reassure them that you're creating a neighborhood asset with tremendous value that only helps their home value as well.

2. Communicate Your Plans with Planning Boards/ Commissions. Let them see exactly what you're planning.

3. Show To The Investors of Your Next Project. 

4. Let New Clients See the Quality of Your Work. Show off!! Show them your exacting standards and your commitment to quality.

5. Marketing Materials for Future Customers or Clients. New clients want to know what you bring to the table - a rendering shows them exactly the level of quality they can expect from you.

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